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Jamshoro is essentially the gate-way to the Indus Valley. It is world famous and rich cultural heritage. Jamshoro is 18 kms from Northwest to the city of Hyderabad and 150 kms Northwest from Karachi city. Ranikot Fort, also known as “the Great Wall of Sindh” is an ancient fort near Sunn, Jamshoro District, in Sindh province. Jamshoro is home to three major universities, where students reside in hostels and enjoy the meals in evenings full of serenity of nature there. Among the other attributes, it is worth mentioning that this city was built on a mountain called Morrha , has inspired great poets to compose beautiful poetic verses on romantic scene it always gives to the visitors. Exclusively, the scene when the sun is about to set and hides behind the mountains is one of the enthralling moments one cannot forget. However, there is a sight at Jamshoro which is a picnic point for the lovers of nature. It is the Jamshoro Bridge built on River Indus which links Jamshoro with Hyderabad city. The shore of Indus at this point is quite hospitable and the visitors are greeted by cool breeze waving in the River Indus. JAMSHORO WEATHER
Manchar is the largest shallow fresh water Lake in Pakistan. It is situated at a distance of 18 kms from Sehwan Sharif on west side…
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Kai Valley is situated at a distance of 40 kms from Sehwan Sharif. District Jamshoro.The Kai valley is towards the southern part of the Sehwan…
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The shrine of Saint Shah Saduruddin Lakyari, known as Laki Shah Sadar is at 20 kms from south of Sehwan. The shrine is beautifully covered…
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Being the centre of one of the great cultural and traditional monuments, Sindh is also blessed with the exalted Shrines of great Saints of olden…
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On the north of the town Sehwan are lying the remains of the great Fort, which is said to built of Alexander the Great, but…
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About seventy five miles north-west of Hyderabad on barren range of hills, a gigantic fortification wall runs up and down the contours of the country.…
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