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Saturday, 31 October 2020
Sunday, 01 November 2020
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Historical Graveyard of Taluka Shahdadpur, Sanghar

These two grave-yards of Talpur Mir’s which are known as Qubba Mir’s Shahdad have 8 stone pavilion tombs, 3 brick mosques two mausoleums with curvilinear type of roofs and several carved stone graves with inscriptions. Most of these tombs date back to 1st half of 19th century, but the following two tombs belong to 17th and 18th centuries respectively:-

  • Mian Nasir Muhammad Mir Fatah Ali
    Bin Hutak A.H.1105 (1693 A.D.)
  • Mian Nasir Muhammad Mir Shahdad
    Bin Hutak Talpur Qaum Biluch A.H.1147 (1734 A.D.)

Some of these tombs are the best specimens of delicate and refined carved work on stone especially that of Mian Nasir Mhuammad mentioned above.

In one of the mosques there are paintings in color of holy places of the Muslims. They are at the inner surface on the wall to west.

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  • District: Sanghar
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